Lu's Lexis

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Olaoluwa: Wealth of God
19. UMD. For Kairo, Milo, and Shiloh.

1. I like my smile

2. I like that I’m über close to “natural” in regards to appearance and I still feel comfortable in my skin.

3. I like how I analyze things

4. I like my relationship with Jesus

5. I like my creativity

From Ayo aka @thelandeastofnod

Have you ever written
Ever drew..
Ever thought of..
Ever read,
Something so beautiful..
That while you write you seem to fall in love all over again.
I imagined myself drawing someone and just falling so in love with them as I drew that I’d be unable to contain myself…
While this was just a figment of my imagination
And the imagery of a real person was fleeting,
I realized that sacred thoughts, desires, and needs like those need to be kept away in a box,
Secured away
For a special day
Or maybe never..
I don’t hope for the impossible,
And I’m okay with that..
I’d rather hope while I’m still alive for something tangible..
Whether the cards are in my favor or whether they aren’t…
I will never stop being Lu.