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Olaoluwa: Wealth of God
19. UMD. For Kairo, Milo, and Shiloh.

I learned to stop asking about things I don’t want to know about….
Faith believes in things that aren’t seen
Faith is hope that things might be okay
Despite the tornado in your backyard
I may not fully understand what’s going on
But in the eye of the storm there’s peace


Today I went to AA
They asked me how long I’ve been sober and I told them.
“I’ve been sober for four days…”
Their faces filled with anxiety…
It’s the first week that’s the hardest, once you make it through then we know
I scoffed…
Sobriety is sobriety.
Why does the time matter?
Sometimes people use things that are abstract to test commitment
I asked if you were committed and you said “no.”
I asked how much it would take for you to be committed and you said “nothing.”
In that moment I realized that I didn’t mean much to you anymore…
I packed my bags and went to AA
Not because I was addicted to alcohol..
But because I wanted to be amidst people that understood pain and sobriety…
Hi my name is….
I’ve been sober for four days…