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Olaoluwa: Wealth of God
19. UMD. For Kairo, Milo, and Shiloh.



I should have told you
that I am sensitive,
and even the simplest
of words can determine
how I perceive myself.
If you call me a baby,
I will cry like one.
If you tell me that you
think I should give up,
I’ll start packing my bags.
And if you say to me
that my words are next
to nothing of importance,
my tongue will retreat
into the back of my throat,
never to be heard from again.


(via laaabellanoche)

It became almost rhythmic,
Letting go that is.
So rhythmic that it rarely left a sting
1, 2, 3, 4….
I’ve seen this all before
Regret no longer creeps up on my leg.
The feeling of losing apart of myself never returned after the fifth time..
I stopped investing in failing stock
The excitement
The adrenaline
The aspect of surprise
Nothing gave me life.
Nothing interested me.
At that point that’s when you realize that, letting go isn’t an option it’s a must.
We live and we learn.
We live and we learn my dear…

I told my sheets to be quiet..
But they didn’t
I told my phone to stop screaming
It did
I told my clothes to stop telling lies
They never stopped
I told my heart to turn down the volume
It screamed louder, pumped harder, cried deeper
I told it to stop hurting
And it told me to stop running
It needed to rest
It needed water
It needs something
I hear the pulse in my ears
The blood rushing
The calm before the storm
Be still he said…
And everything stopped..
No sheets
No phone
And my heart is at rest…