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Olaoluwa: Wealth of God
19. UMD. For Kairo, Milo, and Shiloh.

When you like someone, aren’t you supposed to like the pieces that make them who they are. Their flaws. You like their reactions, their commitments, the way they correct themselves, the things they stand for. It’s in this very awkward moment of my life, that I have to remind myself what the definition of “liking someone” is. What if I don’t like everything aforementioned about you? What if I have no reason to like you but i do. Is that what they call; unconditional love? Me not having any reason to base my affection towards you, but still acknowledging them all the same. Honestly, I’m working through this in my mind as I type. I don’t like anyone, I just want to be able to identify it when I do. I went from liking a lot of people to liking none. I’m not really sure what happened, and I don’t know if I want to regain what was lost. But, I want to have a clear understanding of what was lost. What does it mean to like someone? Is like controllable or is it innate? Any thoughts?

Tuesdays and Thursdays seem shorter,
Just to get to Mondays faster,
But my love for Thursdays never grows thin,
No matter how short they are.
I love them till the end

1. I like my smile

2. I like that I’m über close to “natural” in regards to appearance and I still feel comfortable in my skin.

3. I like how I analyze things

4. I like my relationship with Jesus

5. I like my creativity

From Ayo aka @thelandeastofnod

Have you ever written
Ever drew..
Ever thought of..
Ever read,
Something so beautiful..
That while you write you seem to fall in love all over again.
I imagined myself drawing someone and just falling so in love with them as I drew that I’d be unable to contain myself…
While this was just a figment of my imagination
And the imagery of a real person was fleeting,
I realized that sacred thoughts, desires, and needs like those need to be kept away in a box,
Secured away
For a special day
Or maybe never..
I don’t hope for the impossible,
And I’m okay with that..
I’d rather hope while I’m still alive for something tangible..
Whether the cards are in my favor or whether they aren’t…
I will never stop being Lu.