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Olaoluwa: Wealth of God
19. UMD. For Kairo, Milo, and Shiloh.

I’m realizing more how friends are a trend. Give or take a few. Mostly they come and go with the wind. As a leader I guess you eventually learn how to detach. I’m not very good at it, but I hope to be one day. With each position comes benefits. Benefits and friends are basically synonymous, because they benefit your life in some way. But you can’t get promoted to a new job and keep the benefits, you have to accept the new ones. You learn to experience new things with new people. A perpetual cycle. Each day gets better…..

Have you ever looked at your profile picture or maybe even just see it in passing, then think to yourself; “I do not look that pretty right now.” Not saying that you think you’re ugly, but do you ever think the your profile pictures reflect a fake person? What if our profile pictures were pictures of how we look in the moment? Granted, we’d find loop holes in that system to appear flawless, but sometimes I’d rather see everyone as plain as they could be. Maybe then low self-esteem would become an endangered species. There’s always more than what meets the eye.

Ya girl is ready to be married.

I have a theory
I’m satisfied in life.
I told myself that I will always try
No matter what I’ll keep on pushing,
But when my efforts come to no avail then maybe I’m meant to be where I am.
I kicked a rock today until it got stuck in a bush and I couldn’t find it anymore.
There were times when I was tired and times when I thought it was pointless
But I think we have teachable moments everywhere, and that was one.
This is mainly a theory for my education.
Get this I’m an aspiring dermatologist.
Right now I’m earning my bachelors in nutritional science, then I want to become a registered dietician nutritionist, then go to medical school.
I’m going to keep kicking the rock, but if at any time I lose the rock under the bush then maybe I’m meant to be where I am at the moment.
That doesn’t scare me at all.
It actually encourages me.
My role is to always keep trying
His role is to make sure there’s a rock to kick and a destination to arrive at.